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   Vocabulary Workshop Activities and Games

BINGO Vocabulary Review Game: All you need is a pen and a notebook!
This is a quick, no-prep vocabulary review game. Use the PowerPoint to show the winning pattern for the round. 
Students can make the grid and write the vocabulary words on their notebook or you may use the BINGO card template.
Game Type: Individual

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Here are a few grammar games and activities that we can use to excite the students before, or during, grammar lessons. Some of them offer cool introductions of new concepts while others offer a teacher some methods to make practice more memorable.

1. The Verb Family Tree

Focus: Verb

This tree will teach the students different forms of verbs as children of the root verb.
You can do this activity on the whiteboard or you can opt for a worksheet version. Either way, you first have to start on the board so the students get the idea.
  • Draw a family tree with four branches
  • The root or trunk is the root word or the main verb
  • Name every branch a particular form. For example, the branch of the eldest brother could be the third-person singular form of the verb. Another branch is plural or past form, and so on.
  • Demonstrate with one word and call excited students to name siblings of verbs of your choice.
You may also let them play this game in pairs.

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