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Back to School Toolkit for Special Education Teachers

The success of your school year will depend less on the beauty of your bulletin boards than on the structure you put in place to support successful academic performance and positive thinking and behavior. 
The best way to guarantee a successful school year is to be sure you have enough enough strategies in place to provide guidance, support for the behavior you want and consequences for the behavior you do not want.  More »

Starting your career as a special educator can be daunting. Make sure you're prepared with some tried and true strategies and resources for first-year teachers or those who are new to a special education or integrated classroom.  More »

Back to School Tips for Teachers

Reflect on the Past

Experience is the ultimate learning tool. First-year teachers will only have their limited experience as a student teacher on which they can rely. Unfortunately, this small sample does not provide them with much information.
Veteran teachers will tell you that you learn more in the first few weeks as a teacher than you did during your entire time in a teacher education program. For teachers with at least one year of experience, reflecting on the past can be a valuable tool.
Great teachers are constantly looking for new ideas and methods to apply to their classroom.
You should never be afraid to try a new approach, but understand that sometimes it works, sometimes it needs tweaking, and sometimes it will need to be thrown out altogether. Teachers must rely on their experiences when it comes to all aspects of their classroom. A teacher must allow experiences, both good and bad, to guide their overall approach to teaching.

It Is a New Year



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