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Learning english should be ones hobby. There are many ways of improving your skills.
We have covered many topics of English Grammar which will help you a lot in your journey.
While preparing tutorial we kept in mind student whose English is second Language (ESL)
 and English as foreign Langauge (EFL).

English Grammar

1) Noun
2) Pronoun


Dinâmicas e brincadeiras para suas aulas de inglês

Dinâmicas que tiveram o objetivo de realizar um quebra gelo e saber 

as expectativas dos educandos para esse novo ano.
  1. Dinâmica autorretrato na bexiga

Cada educando recebeu uma bexiga e uma canetinha, na bexiga eles tiveram que fazer um auto retrato, depois de desenhar as bexigas foram jogadas para o alto, cada educando pegou uma bexiga aleatoriamente e tinha como objetivo identificar quem era a pessoa desenhada na bexiga, aquele que acertava ganhava um docinho

2. Dinâmica árvore dos desejos 

Essa dinâmica é ótima para conhecer as expectativas e interesses dos educandos para o ano letivo.
Cada aluno recebeu uma caneta e pedaços de papel, e ordem cada educando escreve no papel o que gostaria que tivesse no projeto esse ano, em voz alta ele lê o que escreveu e cola o papel na arvore.

Atividades de inglês 7° e 8° ano do ensino fundamental II

Atividades de inglês 7° e 8° ano

Atividades de inglês 7° e 8° ano do ensino fundamental

Atividades de inglês 6° ano do ensino fundamental II

Atividades de inglês 6° ano

Atividades de inglês 6° ano do ensino fundamental

Sharing Materials for Learning English

You can download the book on the link below:

Improve Your Written English

You can download the book on the link below:

  Oxford "Collocation Dictionary"

Dicas para ser mais eficiente na sala de aula

5 dicas super importantes para facilitar seu trabalho e tornar você um(a) profissional exemplar.

1- Regras são regras - o combinado não sai caro:
Ao iniciar as aulas com uma turma nova, logo no início estabeleça suas regras de disciplina, como será a avaliação, como você irá proceder com eles durante todo o período letivo. 

Cat Coloring Pages for Cat Lover

To see all pictures in this album, please click the link below.


Mother's Day Lesson Plans

The modern Mother’s Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis as a day for each family to honor its mother. Mother’s Day was first proposed in North America by Julia Ward Howe, author of “The Battle Hymn of The Republic.” Howe, distraught over the devastation wrought by the US Civil War, made a public appeal for mothers everywhere to protest battle. 

She called for an international Mother’s Day, to encourage peace. Despite Howe’s passion, Mother’s Day didn’t catch on for another 30 years. (Read the full history of this May celebration in the United States and how the holiday is celebrated in other countries at –


Printable Mother's Day Worksheets and Puzzles

A whole bunch of great worksheets to commerate the greatest women in each of our lives. 
This set looks at the importance of Mom and all the wonderful things she has taught us.

Family Arts and Crafts

You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, learning and engaging Family themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. 

My House

Use a milk carton cut in half and cover with construction paper. Have children add windows, doors, trees, Etc. cut from construction paper (or draw on details) to resemble the child’s house. Have the children draw the members of their families (they always want to include the pets also) on tongue depressors and place them into the house. When finished the children form a town and take their “family members” to visit other families.


Prepositions in English.

Prepositions are small words that help us to add extra information to sentences. Some of them tell us where or when things happen.
A number of related downloadable resources are available below. Try using them in the classroom in these ways:
  • Add the poster / banner to your classroom displays for children to refer to during independent writing activities.

  • Choose a preposition and challenge children to write an interesting sentence that includes that word. Children could also complete this activity in pairs.



1281 FREE ESL song worksheets

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  • ByArianey
    Practice using the simple past tense by completing the 2 fairy tales. Optional song for YL classes. (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIcJjCF5rWw for the video)


Music can be a great way to connect with your students. 
Even students who aren’t fluent in English often know the words of popular songs phonetically, which makes these songs ideal resources for teaching your students certain forms of grammar, as well as vocabulary
Many students are happy to work with the unusual phrasing of song lyrics, because they’re learning new meanings for a piece of music that already has meaning in their lives.


Projects can hep students

Projects can help students to make their own choices about what they learn, involving different skills and promoting creativity.

The advantages of doing projects in the classroom are many:

Verbo "to be"

Conectivos ou linking words ou words of transition ou transitional words


Conectivos ou linking words ou words of  transition, ou transitional words são todas as palavras ou expressões que servem para estabelecer uma conexão lógica entre frases e elementos da ideia. São principalmente conjunções ou locuções conjuntivas, mas também advérbios, preposições etc.

Como dizer as horas em inglês

De férias, no trabalho, passeando… 

Saber as horas é sempre importante. Isso porque elas norteiam nosso dia. 

Fazendo descrições de pessoas em inglês

Para descrever pessoas, o verbo to be é essencial.
I am … / He is… / She is… / You are… / We are… / They are…
He is tall / You are a little thin.

Depois deste verbo, usamos adjetivos, como as características físicas de peso e altura.


Activity book for children

The Power of Positive Teaching

Tasks for Teacher Education

How to teach

See more at:



Develop reading and writing skills - Oxford Primary Skills

Oxford Primary Skills is a fun and colourful six-level supplementary series that develops reading and writing skills through a broad range of exciting texts.
With engaging texts and topics to develop reading and writing skills, Oxford Primary Skills is the perfect partner for any course. 

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