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Brazil Beach Living
Why is Paraiba the place to invest for Brazilian Beach Living?

A General Overview of the up and coming State of Paraiba

The name comes from the combination of the Tupi words pa’ra (river) and a’íba (unsuitable for navigation). But after all, is it Paraíba or paradise? It is hard to say when one takes into consideration all the attractions of the Brazilian state located on the farthest eastern portion of the Americas: the Ponta do Seixas, on Cabo Branco beach, where, according to a traditional saying, “the sun rises first”. Land of the sun indeed, and of an enviable shore — but also of other historical, ecological and cultural beauties.

Before it was finally taken by the Portuguese, the region was nearly seized by the Normands. In the mid l6th century, Norman smugglers, with the help of the Potiguara Indians, used the anchorage sites of Cabedelo, in the Traição and Cabo Branco bays, to take the best quality Brazil - wood from the Brazilian coast, as well as cotton and wild animal hides. In 1585 a Portuguese settler by the name of João Tavares joined Tabajara chief Pirajibe and managed to establish a settlement 22 km far from the mouth of the Paraíba River. The settlement was first known as Nossa Senhora das Neves, later becoming Filipéia (in honor of Philip II, King of both Spain and Portugal). In the following century, during the Dutch invasion, it was named Frederikstadt, before becoming Paraíba and finally, in 1930, João Pessoa.

The capital of the state of Paraíba is rich in historical monuments and contemporary buildings. Among the examples of baroque-style constructions which impress all tourists are the Church of Mercy, built by Duarte da Silveira in 1602, which preserves its original structure; the 1608 Church of St. Francis, with tiled walls and the floor carpeted with antique flagstones; the Church and the Monastery of São Bento, concluded in 1716 and built of stone blocks and limestone, masonry and wood.

Other important historical landmarks in the state are the Fortress of Santa Catarina (built in 1585 of limestone and whale oil), located in Cabedelo, and the Casa da Pólvora, located in the capital, which witnessed many struggles and invasions on the coast.

Nevertheless, the greatest enchantment comes from the sea. In addition to the beach of Cabo Branco, with its Lighthouse belvedere, the beaches of Tambaú, Manaíra and Bessa are among the most urbanized on thecoast, with lukewarm waters. In Tambaü, two kilometers away from the coast, lie the beautiful reef formations, with its natural pools known as Picãozinho. At these beaches one finds the highest concentration of hotels, flats, lodgings and all the infrastructure which guarantee an agreeable and cozy stay in the region.
In lntermares, the Macaco Sea is a compulsory stop for surfers: its waves are ideal, due to a natural crack in the reef chains. And the calm waters of the Sanhauá river favor nautical tourism on the river beach of Jacaré. Also worth highlighting is the Tambaba beach, the first official naturism beach of the northeastern region, 40 km away from João Pessoa, in the municipality of Conde; its waters are bluish-green and warm, forming natural pools. There are also beautiful 20-meter high sea cliffs in the region, which also emerge, multicolored, on the beach of Coqueirinho, next to the Tambaba beach and almost untouched. See photo below. 
      Tabatinga cliffs with Coqueirinho at the far point. Tambaba to the south.
Other famous beaches are Jacumã, featuring the most exciting carnival on the coast of Paraíba; the Barra de Camaratuba (with stretches of deserted beach, deep waters and dunes from the Paleolithic period); the Bay of Traição, the site of old battles; and the Barra de Mamanguape, which shelters the Center for the Preservation of the Manatee.

As for preservation, it is worth recalling that Paraíba is one of the most important ecological tourist sites in the country. The state also shelters several species of the flora and fauna that remain from the Atlantic Forest. In João Pessoa, the 471 hectare Buraquinho Forest (the Botanical Garden) is a true genetic base of both the animal and vegetal life of the Northeastern region. In Cabedelo, the 530 hectare Restinga Island, located on the estuary of the Paraíba River, several types of ecosystems can be found: mangroves, the estuary, the Atlantic Forest, lagoons and the forests typical of the restingas, beaches covered by mud, which usually rise up out of the water parallel to the coast.

In Mamanguape and Rio Tinto lies the Ecological Reserve of the Guaribas, aimed at sheltering this endangered monkey species. Other natural beauties are Pedra da Boca, in Araruna, a set of rocks frequently visited by mountain climbers, and the 1197 meter high Pico do jabre, the highest elevation in Paralba, from where the visitor can admire the mountain forest, rivers, mineral water springs and the caatinga, a type of stunted vegetation found in the more arid areas of northeastern Brazil.

The region is also a survey center on the Brazilian prehistorical era. In the municipality of Sousa, 427 km away from the capital, in the hinterland of the state, lies the famous Dinosaurs Valley, where researchers have found the footprints of prehistorical animals, dating back 130 million years. The area is regarded as one of the most important archeological sites in the world - the Peixe River basin displays the highest incidence of dinosaur footprints in the world.
In Ingá, located on the Borborema Plateau, there are cave inscriptions engraved on stone, still an enigma to experts (some attribute the signs to the ‘1isit of Phoenicians to Brazil). The local Museum of Natural History holds lots of information on the animals that lived in the region in remote eras, such as the gigantic tropical America iguana, the armadillo, mastodons and others. Museums and cultural centers abound in the region. In João Pessoa, the most important are the José Lins do Rêgo Cultural Space and the Augusto dos Anjos Memorial (located in the Literary Academy of Paraíba), featuring part of the heritage of these great writers, and the museum and crypt of former-president Epitácio Pessoa, located in the Court of Justice.

In the beginning of the year, sports tournaments and folkloric festivals stir up the capital’s shoreline. In February, the feast takes over the streets even before carnival, gathering street-dancing merrymaker groups of frevo, maracatu, sculamba, coco and caboclinho.

Among the most famous June feasts are those of Campina Grande, the second largest city in the state, and SãoJoão da Lagoa, in the Solon de Lucena Park. The forró is the musical rhythm typical of these celebrations. But there are still several other types of folkloric demonstrations, such as the incelenças (funeral chants sung in unison, without musical instruments), the nau catarineta, popular plays on sea themes performed in the streets, the reisaclo, held on 6th of January, celebrating the Epiphany, the vaquejada, a round up of cattle, and the banda cabaçal, groups of percussion and wind instruments, common in the Brazilian northeast.

Embroidery and lace makers, ceramists, painters and sculptors use folkloric themes in their works. To be highlighted are the coconut fiber items manufactured in Lagoa Seca; the banners painted in Catolé do Rocha; artisan Antonio Paulo Freire’s coconut heads; Maria Paulina’s ceramic items; the goods from João Miguel do Taipu; the laces and embroideries from Picu, Umbuzeiro and São Felix; and the labyrinth”, a type of embroidery produced in Juarez Távora.

One shouldn’t miss the delights of the cookery from Paraíba. So, be prepared for the sun-dried meat; the sarapatel (made of sheep’s or pig’s viscera and blood); buchadas, made of animal guts; farm chicken, coconut tapiocas and other delights. The cuscuz, a dish made of steamed rice, manioc or corn meal, the pamonha, a sweet made of corn paste, rolled and baked in fresh cornhusks, and the baião-de-dois (black beans rice and cheese cooked together) are a must, not to mention the local sea food, such as large shrimps, crabs, squids, swordfish - accompanied by coconut water, or a delicious cachacinha-de-cabeça, an alcoholic drink made of sugarcane, as you relax by the sea.

At night, excitement continues in the bars and restaurants of the capital and along the beaches of Tambaü, Cabo Branco, Manara, Bessa, lntermares, Seixas and Penha. In the Largo da Gameleira young people get together whereas in the so-called Baixo Tambaú, bars specialized in popular Brazilian music, create a romantic environment under leafy coconut trees.

Source: http://www.brazilinsight.nl/

The best beaches and prices are at #9-#15 above in the city and south of Jacuma, Paraiba. The State Capital is Joao Pessoa at the top of the map, about 22KM north.

If you want city life, Joao Pessoa is a good choice to check out. If you want really clean air, more natural beauty around, a more relaxed way of life but still be near a city, then where I live could also be for you.

Photos of Joao Pessoa from the mayor's website:  HERE

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