If you want a SIMPLE LIFE,
DON'T live to impress people, 
Live to impress yourself. 
Live for your DREAMS and PASSIONS.
Live according to your BELIEF and VALUES. 
Live for the people YOU LOVE. 
Live for your OWN inner PEACE and HAPPINESS.

Be bold but KIND and EMPATHETIC.
Allow yourself to make mistakes but do learn and grow from them.
Life can be rough and complicated, but realize that, being alive is a precious gift!

Whatever challenge comes next might well be a chance that will lead you to a better place.
Never be afraid to do what's best for you and your loved ones.
There is no shortcut through grief and heartache but to go through it, one step at a time.
If you ever drift away from your path, be confident that the people who love you will find you and they'll walk you home....
Life is NOT A RACE! It's what you do BEST with what you have;
and with the LOVE and GOODNESS inside your heart and soul;
you can and will create a life that'll bring PEACE and JOY to yourself and the people around you!

~ by Loann


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