The Top benefits of reading

Half of those people read less than four. If you are one of the non-book readers who feels you “don’t need no stinking books”, here are some great reasons to start the habit…before you are left behind!

1- Reading is an active mental processUnlike TV, books make you use your brain. By reading, you think more and become smarter. Reading is good for memory.

2-Improving knowledge: Reading improves a person's knowledge about various fields of life. This knowledge base helps a person to make correct decisions in different situations of life.
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3- Books are inexpensive entertainment: What’s the average price of a movie ticket these days? $8 – $10? You can buy a paperback for that price and be entertained for many hours more. If you have a used bookstore nearby, you can get them even cheaper.
Tip: Once you make reading a habit, you’ll enjoy reading the books in your chosen career as well.

4-Saves Money?:  Of course saves money, Apart from saving money on entertainment expenses. Reading books that help you develop your skills saves money. Reading books on how someone went bankrupt will be a warning to you against repeating their mistakes. Reading a book on how to build your own backyard deck saves the expense of hiring a contractor. 

5-Helps to achieve goals in life: People who develop reading habit since childhood are better able to decide their goals in life.

6-Gives you a glimpse into other cultures and places: Books can expand your horizons by letting you see what other cities and countries have to offer before you visit them.

7-Books make you live in another world:  just opening a book can take you away in another world that you are the main character in. You read , discuss and you look for solve the problem that the author talked about it.

8-Builds self-esteem: By reading more books, you become well informed and more of an expert on the topics you read about. This expertise translates into higher self-esteem. Since you are so well read, people look to you for answers. Your feelings about yourself can only get better.

9-Learn everywhere: Books are portable. You can take them almost anywhere. As such, you can learn almost anywhere too. This is my best benefits that I have liked and helped me in reading.

10-be creative:  Reading more books and exposing yourself to new and more complete information, you will also be able to come up with more creative ideas.

11-Improves concentration and focus: reading books takes brain power. It requires you to focus on what you are reading for long periods. Unlike magazines, Internet posts or e-Mails that might contain small chunks of information. Books tell the whole story. Since you must concentrate in order to read, like a muscle, you will get better at concentration.

12-Hey wait!! When your reading you get a new skill!!!:  Yeah reading is not totally for having fun or improving knowledge, it is also for having better skill in writing. When you read more books your writing skill is going better and better. Also, enriches the language and vocabulary.
There are a lot of benefits of reading that I take all night to write here.
 Maybe a book is not enough to show all benefits of reading.

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