Tense Board - short explanations how to conjugate in English.

Tense Board that explains through colours and short explanations how to conjugate in English.


Read it, analyse it and understand it. You should practice writing examples and compare them to the ones in the board. The structures should be the same, the only difference should be the subject and the verb. If something else looks different, then that probably means you did it wrong.

It’s the same board but there are no examples. Write your own example in each box. Try not to look at the rules. If your examples are all correct then you can now form all the tenses and aspects of the English language.


I don’t suggest you hand out the board to your students straight away because they will just look and read it instead of listening to your explanations.
If I were you, I would actually recreate this board on the black/whiteboard. Have your students listen, follow and participate in its completion. Let them come to the board, write out examples, and even try to give you the next rule. The more involved in the process they are, the more they will remember it.
Then give them the board without examples and have them write their own example (in class or homework, that’s up to you).
Download this board: Tenses board.
I hope that it´s useful!

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