50 Playful Sight Words Activity Ideas

These fun and playful ideas include something for everyone – for those who like to be physically active to those who like a side of creativity with their learning, there’s something for the child who loves a cognitive challenge and for the one who learns best through co-operative games – the list includes suggestions suitable for all types of learners.

1. Sight Word Spotlight: 
A Little Learning for TwoSight words spotlight activity
2. Sight Words Speed Racer Game:
No Time for Flashcardssight-word-race-for-kindergarten
3. Sight Word Trampoline Jump: 
Childhood 101
4. Sight Words at Tub Time: 
Tutus & Tea PartiesSight words tub time activities
5. Blowing Down Sight Words Game:
Toddler Approvedblowing down sight words game
6. Sensory Sight Words:
Mess for Less
7. Alphabet Rocks:
Childhood 101
8. Sight Word Jenga:
The First Grade Diaries
sight word Jenga
9. Sight Word Beach Ball:
Kids Activities BlogSight-Word-Beach-Ball
10. Sight Words & Elefun:
Here Come the Girls
Sight words and Elefun
11. Magnetic Build-A-Word Tray:
I Can Teach My Childmagnetic sight word tray
12. Sight Word Tic Tac Toe:
A Mom With a Lesson Plan
sight word tic tac toe
13. Sight Word Island Jumping;
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
sight word island jumping
14. Q-Tip Sight Word Painting:
Scribble Doodle and Draw
sight words in a paint baggie
15. Sight Word Cup Crash:
Coffee Cups & Crayons
16. Popsicle Stick Word Puzzles:
This Reading Mama
17. Paper Plane Sight Word Fun:
This Reading Mama
18. Roll A Word Alien:
Playdough to Plato
19. Where’s the Bear? Game:
Sprinkles to Kindergarten
wheres the bear sight words game
20. Sight Word Parking Lot:
Juggling with Kids
sight word parking lot game
21. Sight Word Hopscotch:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
sight word hopscotch
22. Shower Time Sight Words:
Childhood 101
shaving cream sight words
23. Sand Tray Play Ideas:
Childhood 101
Sand tray sight word activities
24. Sight Words Sensory Bin:
Shining Our Lights
sight words sensory bin
25. Ping Pong Ball Fun:
Melissa Culver’s School Daze
ping pong ball fun
26. Sight Words Fun with Gems:
The Educators’ Spin On It
Sight Word Fun with Gems
27. Squeegee Sight Words:
A Little Learning for Twosqueegee sight words
28. 3D Sight Word Search:
No Time for Flashcards
29. Sight Words Emergent Readers:
The Measured Momsight words printable emergent readers
30. Bingo with QR Codes:
Technology in Early Childhoodsight words bingo activity
31. Sight Word Magic Squares:
Playdough to Plato
32. Lego Reading Game:
The Pleasantest Thing
33. Clothes Pin Match:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
clothes pin match
34. Sight Word Target Practice:
I Can Teach My Child
paper plate sight word target practice game
35. Sight Word Seashells:
NurtureStoresight word seashells
36. Sight Word Scramble:
Playdough to Platosight word scramble
37. Roll a Sight Word Game:
I Can Teach My Child
roll a sight word game
38. Gross Motor Sight Word Game:
No Time for Flashcardssight-word-gross-motor-game-
39. Magic Sight Words Painting:
The Pleasantest Thingmagic painting sight-words-activity
40. Sight Words Crayon Rubbing:
School Time Snippetssight words crayon rubbing activity
41. Gross Motor Sight Word Toss:
Learn With Play at Home
gross motor sight word toss
42. Sight Word Connect 4:
Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
connect four with sight words
43. Sight Word Pizza Box:
Boy Mama Teacher Mama
44. Sight Word SMASH!:
School Time Snippets
sight word smash
45. Sight Words Balloon Match: 
A Little Learning for TwoSight words balloon matching game
46. Sight Word Drawing Challenges:
Childhood 101
47. Sight Words Swatting:
School Time Snippetssight word swatting activity
48. Slingshot Word Challenge:
Inspired by Familysight word slingshot game
49. Muffin Tin Sight Words Games:
Growing Book By Bookmuffin tin sight words activities
50. Sight Words I Spy Bottle:
Sugar AuntsSight words I Spy Bottle
But that’s not all, check out this post for even MORE playful sight word ideas


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