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This list of English Grammar Games and Notes contains extra activities and information for students to learn English outside of a classroom. 

They are NOT in any particular order.


CodeGrammar Topic (Notes)Online GamesPDF
G-01There is / There areGameExercisesAnswers
G-02Prepositions of Time (At, On, In)GameExercisesAnswers
G-03To Be - Past TenseGameWas/WereWas/Were Short AnswersWas/Were QuestionsExercisesAnswers
G-04Past Tense Irregular VerbsGameExercisesAnswers
G-05Can / CannotGameExercisesAnswers
G-06To Be - Present TenseGameExercisesAnswers
G-07Adverbs of FrequencyGameExercisesAnswers
G-08Adverbs Spelling -LY---ExercisesAnswers
G-09Comparatives and SuperlativesGameExercisesAnswers
G-10Very - Too - EnoughGameExercisesAnswers
G-11Question TagsGameExercisesAnswers
G-12Countable and Uncountable NounsGameExercisesAnswers
G-13Present Tense vs. Progressive TenseGameExercisesAnswers
G-14Question Words (Who, When, etc.)Game - Game 2ExercisesAnswers
G-15So - Neither - Either (Short Answers)Game - So Game - Neither GameExercisesAnswers
G-16Two - Too - ToGameExercisesAnswers
G-17Short Answers - To Be (Present Tense)GameExercisesAnswers
G-18Short Answers - Present TenseGameExercisesAnswers
G-19Short Answers - Past TenseGame - Was WereExercisesAnswers
G-20Adjectives with PrepositionsGameExercisesAnswers
G-21Prepositions List (Mixed) GameExercisesAnswers
G-22Some - Any - A - AnGameExercisesAnswers
G-23For vs. SinceGameExercisesAnswers
G-24Reflexive PronounsObj. vs Refl. PronounsExercisesAnswers
G-25Object PronounsGameExercisesAnswers
G-26Subject Pronouns---ExercisesAnswers
G-27Passive VoiceGameExercisesAnswers
G-28Past ParticiplesGameExercisesAnswers
G-29This That These Those (Demonstratives)Game - Game 2ExercisesAnswers
G-30Present vs. Progressive vs. Past TenseGameExercisesAnswers
G-31Much - Many - A lot of - FewGame - Few vs. LittleExercisesAnswers
G-32Possessive PronounsGameExercisesAnswers
G-33Possessive AdjectivesGame 1 - Game 2ExercisesAnswers
G-34Articles - Definite & IndefiniteA vs AnExercisesAnswers
G-35Plural Nouns - Regular & IrregularGameExercisesAnswers
G-36Do vs. DoesGameExercisesAnswers
G-37Don't vs. Doesn'tGameExercisesAnswers
G-39Going to---ExercisesAnswers
G-40Future - Will vs. Going to---ExercisesAnswers
G-41Like vs. AsGameExercisesAnswers
G-42Simple Present TenseGameExercisesAnswers
G-43How much - How manyGameExercisesAnswers
G-44Transitive and Intransitive VerbsGameExercisesAnswers
G-45Adjectives ending in -ED and -INGGameExercisesAnswers
G-46Present Perfect Tense---ExercisesAnswers
G-47Past Tense vs Perfect Tense---ExercisesAnswers
G-48Present Tense Verbs - Third Person---ExercisesAnswers
G-49Whoever, Whatever, Whenever etc.GameExercisesAnswers
G-50Still, Yet, AlreadyGameExercisesAnswers
G-51Have Has Go GoesGameExercisesAnswers
G-52Where + To BeGameExercisesAnswers
G-53Noun + To Be + NounGameExercisesAnswers
G-54Spelling - Words ending in ING---ExercisesAnswers
G-55So vs. SuchGameExercisesAnswers
G-56Your vs You'reGameExercisesAnswers
G-57Genitive Case (Apostrophe S - 's)---ExercisesAnswers
G-58Used to vs Use to---ExercisesAnswers
G-59Prepositions of Place---ExercisesAnswers
G-60Prepositions of Movement---ExercisesAnswers
G-61Pronunciation of -S at the end of words---ExercisesAnswers
G-62Pronunciation of EDGame 1 - Game 2ExercisesAnswers
G-63Compound Adjectives---ExercisesAnswers
G-64There vs Their vs They'reGameExercisesAnswers
G-65Adverbs vs. AdjectivesGameExercisesAnswers
G-66Adjectives - Word OrderBasicExercisesAnswers
G-67Spelling - Words ending in ED---ExercisesAnswers
G-68Past Tense---ExercisesAnswers
G-70Another vs Other vs OthersGameExercisesAnswers
G-71More, Most---ExercisesAnswers
G-72Both, Neither, EitherGameExercisesAnswers
G-73Little, Less, Least---ExercisesAnswers
G-76All vs Every vs Each---ExercisesAnswers
G-77Every day vs everydayGameExercisesAnswers
G-78Every day vs all dayGameExercisesAnswers
G-79Do - Does - Did - DoneGameExercisesAnswers
G-80Modal Verbs---ExercisesAnswers
G-81Can - Could---ExercisesAnswers
G-82May - Might---ExercisesAnswers
G-83Must - Have to---ExercisesAnswers
G-85Should - Ought to---ExercisesAnswers
G-87Conditionals (Introduction)---ExercisesAnswers
G-88Zero Conditional---ExercisesAnswers
G-89First Conditional---ExercisesAnswers
G-90Second Conditional---ExercisesAnswers
G-91Third Conditional---ExercisesAnswers
G-92If I were you...---ExercisesAnswers
G-93Parts of Speech---ExercisesAnswers
G-94NounsCommon vs Proper
Concrete vs Abstract



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