Who am I ?

The aim of the activity is to find out who you are. Are you a famous actor or actress, a sports star, a musician, a politician, a famous character from a movie or a book, etc...
Each student has a piece of paper or a postit with a name on it, a secret name. To find out who you are, you have to ask other students in your class questions to get information about yourself.
Am I a man? Am I French? Do I have blond hair? Am I young or old? Am I singer? ...
I like to put my students into small groups, 4 or 5 students. I give them 20 to 30 names to go through. Each of them get several different names to discover who they are.
Another option I like is to get the whole class to mingle. Each student can only ask each student in the class one question at a time. When a student discovers who they are, they can ask me for another piece of paper with a different name on it.
To make the activity more difficult tell your students they can only answer Yes or No to questions. They usually have to ask a lot more questions to discover who they are.
I have a list of famous characters, actors, singers, etc here to download: WhoAmI? Use a scissor to cut them out and away you go.

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