A practical English Grammar Combined Exercises

The ten books of exercises which accompany the author’s A Practical English Grammar have been combined into two volumes. This first volume contains Books 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.
References at the head of each exercise refer to paragraphs in A Practical English Grammar. Where necessary, two sets of references are given, one for the first and one for the second edition.

The exercises are graded A, B, or C. A means difficult, B means moderately difficult, and C means easy.
Some of the exercises are in the form of a conversation between two people. Quotation marks are not used here but the
second remark is usually printed directly below the first.
When both remarks are very short they are sometimes printed on the same line with a wide space between them.
This is a reference grammar for upper forms in schools and for adult learners at an intermediate stage, though it will also prove useful for the more advanced.

Combined exercises:
- Present and Past tenses.
- Future and Conditional tenses.
- Gerund, Infinitive, and Participles.
- Auxiliary verbs.
- Indirect Speech and Passive Voice.
Structure drills:
Auxiliaries - Present tenses - Past tenses - The Future - Conditionals.


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