English is the language that facilities communication in thousand of individual contacts made daily all over the world. It is used in air, land and sea communication, in information technology, sports, TV, movies, science, politics, music… 
English is necessary to surf and chat on the internet, to e-mail people around the world, to read international books, magazines, announcements, ads, song lyrics, instructions, manuals, scientific journals, etc.
English is the first language in: USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
English is used as second language in: Singapore, India, Malawi, and over fifty countries.

1- Read the text again and underline the following information:

a) O inglês é a língua que facilita a comunicação... diariamente no mundo inteiro.
b) Ele é usado na comunicação aérea, terrestre e marítima...
c) O inglês é necessário para conversar na internet, para mandar mensagens eletrônicas a pessoas do mundo todo...

2- Retire do texto:

a) Nome de países -
b) Palavras parecidas com o português -
c) Palavras usadas no inglês e no Português -

3-  According to the text, are these statements true (T) or false (F)?

(     ) Everybody studies English nowadays.
(     ) English is a global language because it is used in all countries of the world.
(     ) The language of air and sea communication is English.
(     ) People are studying English at school, to surf and chat on the internet.

4- Read the text again and complete the answers to these questions.

a)    Is English a International Language?
b)   Is English the official languages in Brazil?
c)   What English is considered in Brazil?

5- Fill the gaps of the text with the words from the box:

Considered – international – countries - around – land – documents – read – first – all over - chat

English is an _______________________________ language. It is used in Brazil and ___________________ the world for air, _________________ and sea communication. For example, English is necessary to surf and ______________________ on the internet, to e-mail people ________________ the world, to ___________________ scientific texts and song lyrics, etc…

In Brazil, English is ___________________ a very important language. In many other __________________, English is the second language or the official language in __________________. In nations such as Australia, the USA or Canada, English is the ___________________ language, or mother tongue.

6- Read the initial text again and choose the correct alternative:

1- In India, English is:
a) The second language                    b)The mother tongue of the inhabitants.            C)An important language.

2- In New Zealand, English is:

a) A very important language.                       B)An international language.                     C)The first language.

3- The word ads means:

a) Administration                                 b)Advertisements                          c) Advice
Why is English a global language nowadays?
A language is not considered international just because a great number of people speak it. An enormous number of people speak Chinese, but Chinese is not the most important language in the world. The main reason for a language to become international is power – the political and economic power of the people who speak it.
        Britain was the world’s leading industrial and trading country in the 19th century. It colonized many other countries where English is now spoken. The North America economy is growing fast, making the USA one of the most important and powerful countries in the world. These are the reasons why English is a global language.
        Like anybody else, you need a global language for communication, not only today, but for your future as well. So, let’s learn English.

7- Answer this questions according to the text:

A) Is a language considered international just because a lot of people speak it?
B) Is Chinese the most important language in the world?
C) What is the main reason for a language to become international?
D) What nation was the leader in industry and commerce in the 19th century.

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