10 Good Reasons not to Correct Students

  • The teacher’s involvement would interrupt the flow of pair work or a group activity.

  • The error can be addressed momentarily by back tracking a little bit.

  • The student can somehow be prompted to self correct their own error[Read Deeper: How to Push Students to Self Correct Their Own Mistakes]

  • The error made goes significantly beyond the student’s current capabilities in English.

  • The error shows they don’t understand a language point you plan to teach in the future.

  • The error is fossilized, student is well aware of the error, pointing it out would only frustrate them.

  • The student showed great improvement in another aspect of their answer and you want to give them a clear win.

  • Correcting the error may knock their confidence in the current situation.(They are already having a bad day, uncomfortable speaking in front of the class, etc.)

  • The focus of the lesson is on listening or reading comprehension, not on accuracy in spoken English.

  • You have prepared and will soon use an expected list of errors to be made and theirs is on that list.

More about it : http://yourenglishsource.com/good-reasons-not-to-correct-students/


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