Noun - BINGO

The students will select the nouns above to complete their bingo board. 
The teacher will then read the sentences aloud to the students. 
Students will listen for the correct noun from the sentences and try to match them to the nouns on their bingo boards. 
First student to get five in a row must say “B-I-N-G-O” to win the game!

Listen for the Noun: 
Tell if it is a person, place, thing, or idea.

1. Will you please take Mrs. Diamond your paper? (Person)
2. I want to ride my bicycle to school tomorrow. (Thing)
3. I can’t wait to go home! (Place)
4. Will you please take me to the hospital? (Place)
5. Honesty is the best quality. (Idea)
6. It take courage to stand up for what is right. (Idea)
7. Sarah likes to play with her animals. (Person)
8. Yesterday, I met President Bush. (Person)
9. We live in Huntington, WV. (Place)
10. Will you go to the grocery store to buy some bread? (Place)
11. I need to go to the bathroom! (Place)
12. One day there will be peace on earth. (Idea)
13. The sky is very blue today. (Thing)
14. My pen is out of ink! (Thing)
15. Thank you for your kindness. (Idea)
16. My left shoe is untied. (Thing)
17. The flower is pretty. (Thing) 
18. Jacob is a great friend. (Person)
19. I have a doctor appointment at 3:00. (Person)
20. Would you like to go to Philadelphia? (Place)
21. Clean your bedroom! (Place) 
22. I have green hair. (Thing)
23. I hope you have a good time. (Idea)
24. The fuzzy blanket is warm. (Thing) 
25. The waitress brought our check. (Person)
26. I love you! (Idea)
27. Your shirt has a stain on it. (Thing)
28. The girl played outside. (People) 
29. Please bring me your book. (Thing) 
30. Independence Day on the 4th of July. ( Idea)

Bingo card --- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7jXKP64CA_RV09jLVpsNHJvc2M/view

See more at:  http://teachers.net/lessonplans/posts/3914.html

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