Prayer for Darlan and Daniel.

Dearest Abba Father, I adore You for what You are.
I cannot refudiate Your ownership over me.
I acknowledge and bow before Your supreme authority
over everything seen and unseen.
I thank You and praise You for the life you have given me.
I thank You for all the blessings I can readily see and
for all the blessings my limited understanding cannot recognize.
Who can fully understand the depth of your love toward us?
You are indeed arrested by Your love for us.
This fact gives me lots of confidence to come before You
even when I am totally messed up.
You will never turn away whoever seeks you in faith.
Your mercy draws me near to you.
Even when I lose you, You never lose me.
I am always held by Your righteous right hand.
Your love will never fail me.
Sustain me today with Your grace that my
strength and courage may not fail in the
face of difficulties that might come my way.
Always put me in remembrance that Your
grace is more than sufficient to be victorious
in all situations and let me find rest in You.
Heal me of my stress, anger, all my bodily
ailments and unfruitfulness in every sphere
of my life according to Your mercy and compassion.
I ask this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ
so that He be glorified through me.

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