Teaching the human body's parts can be fun and interesting for both teachers and students.

Teaching the human body's parts can be fun and interesting   for both teachers and students. Starting from a young age, many children are fascinated with the human body and high school graduates are required to know the body's complex organ systems. Thus, learning the parts of the body can be one of the first lessons for young English learners.

There are many ways to approach teaching the human body, hence it is necessary to design interactive and engaged  lesson plans to encourage students on several levels; namely, reinforcing the vocabulary through games, art, and physical activities by the means of technological resources. So the subsequent lesson plan entitled “The Parts of the Body ”pretends to develop and improve in the students (beginners) the four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking through a variety of activities in which they will enjoy their new found knowledge so much and they will start teaching body parts to anyone who will listen.

Finally, in my personal opinion I think I learnt a lot from this course because I had the possibility to realize that new technologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for all sorts of processes. Furthermore, the educational field cannot ignore the use of these new means and resources as possible sources of innovation and progress in teaching. Many useful and interesting tools through the use of technology were taught in the development of this course which served me a lot to in order to make the teaching-learning process superior and more attractive. In addition, ICT course enhanced instruction and fostered learning outcomes through the participation of people, machines, and processes in which the knowledge is creatively applied and involving.

Topic: Parts of the Body
Level:  Beginners (8-10 years)
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to have some familiarity with common terminology for parts of the body.

1.       LISTENING

Warm up
Students will listen and see the pictures about “The Gingerbread Man” 




The teacher will present new vocabulary related to the parts of the body by using  flash cards

3. Listening

Then the students will listen o the correct pronunciation of the different parts of the body by using a Voki


To perform this task, students will complete the following crossword by visiting this web site:


The teacher will ask his/her students to read the comic “The parts of the Body” to understand a little bit the vocabulary related to the topic.

6. Playing  the "Body parts Jigsaw," students will have fun when they organize the parts of the body

7.       WRITING

For this activity, the students will read and follow the instructions byvisiting this site: 

or by solving this crossword puzzle body parts

or visit http://www.proprofs.com/games/crossword/parts-of-the-body-2/


Finally, the students will listen to the subsequent song.


Later, Student A will ask Student B to
“Point to your head.”
“Point to your arm.”
“Point to your leg.”, etc. 

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