Atividades divertidas de inglês para todo o ensino fundamental

 PERSONAL PRONOUNS Pick a Particle- in, on, up Plural Plurals Possessive Pronoun1 Possessive Pronouns Preposition1 Prepositions II PREPOSITIONS IN, ON, AT Prepositions Present Simple Negative VerbsPresent Simple Verbs Pronouns Question – Soccer in Brazil Question Formation II Question Formation Question Tags Question Words Questions – Arizona Questions – Brazil questions – a – an Questions – Arkansas Questions – Australia Questions – Austria Questions – California Questions – Canada Questions – Carnival Brazil Questions – Colorado Questions – Croatia Questions – Denmark Questions – El Salvador Questions – Europe Questions – Finland Questions – France Questions – Georgia Questions – Granada Questions – Hawaii Questions – HungaryQuestions – Ireland Questions – Italy Questions – Kansas Questions – Korea Questions – Malaysia Questions – Massachusetts Questions – Nagoya Questions -Nevada Questions – New Jersey Questions – New York Questions – Oregon questions – Sweden Questions – Texas Questions – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Questions – West Virginia questions -a -an 1 Questions an answers Questions Michigan – passive voice and modals questions Raise or Rise Read the text Reported Speech at a Much Later Time Reported Speech Sentence Combining Set, sit, seat Short Answer Simple Past or Past Continuous So or Because Some or Any Some, any, no Still, yet Subject and Verb Agreement Tag Question 2 Tag Question 3 Tag Question 4 Tag Question1 Tag Questions tags questions 1 Tell or SayThe City of São Paulo The Library The Titanic Their, there, they´re To Be or To Do Until, since, for Use the Correct Present Tense Verb Valentine s Day Various Questions I Various Questions II Various Questions III Verb ChoiceVerb Forms Verb Tenses Was or Were Was- were Wh Questions What did the teacher say What is the Correct Form of the Ver1 What is the Correct Form of the Verb What s the correct word order What, when, where What, which, how What´s the correct word order Will Be Doing or will have done Word Groups writing error    

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