Warm-up activity

1) I explain what an acrostic is. Then I give them coloured paper and ask them to write their names vertically on the left side of it. Then I ask them to make a list of verbs using the letters. The verbs can be used only once. 

If there are three names starting or containing L, the first student saying LIKE will keep that verb. So there will be just one Like, one Have; it means they will have the challenge to think fast. 

Once it is finished they stick the papers in their notebooks to make sentences with.
H elp
E ntertain
L eave
E at
N ame
A ctivate

2) A different week they can use their lastnames to write nouns or adjectives, countries or nationalities.

3) Children can write nouns (day 1) and adjectives (day 2) and ask them to match nouns and adjectives to start writing their first sentences: cat + big = The cat is big.

4) For pre-intermediate to upper levels: they can match both word lists in order to make a poem or a story :)

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