GERUND - great videos talking about Gerund and how to use it

Here are some great videos talking about the Gerund!

Ways to use Gerund

When a verb ends in -ing, it may be a present participle or it may be a gerund. It is important to understand that they are not the same.
When we use a verb in -ing form more like a verb or an adjective, it is usually a present participle:
  • Anthony is fishing.
  • I have a boring teacher.
When we use a verb in -ing form more like a noun, it is usually a gerund:
  • Fishing is fun.

This first video expands what we saw in class, adding a few more ways to use the Gerund:

In the link below, you can find the original video and a quiz for you to expand your knowledge!

Infinitive or Gerund:

In the following video, learn when to use the Infinitive or Gerund:

Original video and Quiz!

Verbs followed by Gerund:

And here are some verbs who are followed by the Gerund form:

Original and Quiz:

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