Mother's Day Project

There are so many sweet projects you can do with your little ones to help them show their love and appreciation for the special ladies in their lives! 

The kids will love being able to do something special for their mom or grandma…. And every one of these is sure to become a treasure that she will keep forever. 

I believe in giving teacher's lots of styling options (so you can choose why you like AND what works best for your kids!) so you'll see you have a couple different choices for what you'd like to print to go along with each individual project. 

Here is a quick list of the three projects:

1. The “I love you to pieces” pin project (directions and photos to guide you through how to make this adorable craft... and also several printables you can use to display and give it.)

2. The CLASSIC “My Special Mother” fill-in-the-blank writing and picture project (Prepare to giggle over the things kids say for this and also the book project below! Precious... and oh, so simple for you.)

3. The “All About My Mom” book project (Again, easy peasy to print and use! Kids fill in the blanks and draw pictures to finish phrases like "If my mom were a super hero she would be ________ because _______" or "If my mom were an animal she would be a __________ because ___________.")

Flip through them and see what would work best with your students and the time you have! Oh, and note that all of the projects come with pages that say "grandma" or "grandmother" as well as "mom" or "mother." Options for everyone!

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