Free resources - Family Theme Worksheets

Family Theme Worksheets

Worksheet 1. This is always the worksheet to use as flashcards and more. Keep them for all the 
classes to revise vocabulary.
Tell the students to color each family member in different color hair and eyes, to make different 
combinations.  You can make a class graph or a table graph with the hair color and eye color.


Worksheet 2.  Blank faces for children to make a happy, sad, angry face.  I also added the color 
splotches and the numbers.
Instruct students to color their family members in any color combination they want. 

Colllect all the color splotches in a bag. Take one out at a time.
Teacher: What color is this ?
Students: Red.
Teacher: Who has red hair ?
Student: My sister ! ( Answers may Vary )
Teacher: OK. Bring me your sister.  ( place the red splotch on the board next to all the 
family members that have red hair.

Continue with all the other color splotches.
Then place the numbers next to each family member.  Say a number and have the students say 
who it is and describe the person.

Teacher: Number two ! Who´s number two ?
Students: It´s mommy !
Teacher: What color is mommy´s hair ?
Students: It´s black.
Teacher: What color are mommy´s eyes?
Students:They´re black.
Teacher: Is she happy or sad ?
Students: She´s happy.

Worksheet 3. Have students trace each mouth with a red crayon.

                           Teacher: Look at brother! He is happy. Trace his mouth.

 Students trace the contour of each family member. There are the numbers 1 to 4.

Have the students place a family member next to each number.

Teacher:  Number 4.
Students: daddy!
Teacher: happy, sad or angry?
Students: happy !

Worksheet 5. The classic portrait.  It´s so much fun to see how the show their family members 
to the class.


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