Musical Lessons all Teachers and Students Can Use!

Music has always been a valued staple in early childhood environments, whether a teacher plays an instrument or uses a device.
Music can be used to redirect, distract, encourage movement or relaxation, but most remarkably, music can teach a specific concept, starting as early as infancy, and make it stick for life.

Many teachers will arrange lessons in poem form, using familiar tunes (Row, Row, Row, This Old Man, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.) to successfully help children remember specific information.  My educational music is built on this model:  Information in a song–using my own original music designed specifically for each lesson.
Try these songs out and see what you (and your students) think!  They will learn quickly and walk away humming the tune…practising newly acquired knowledge as they go, without even trying!
Animal Farm

What’s the Weather?

The Seven Days of the Week

12 Months

The Backwards Alphabet
Planets, Planets

The 7 Continents and 5 Oceans

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