Taboo Cards Bundle

Description of the Taboo Cards Bundle

Each card from the bundle contains a picture showing the word that needs to be explained, the written version of the object that needs to be explained and four taboo words which players cannot use while playing. The taboo cards include vocabulary from many topics. Have a look below to see what they are.
Zoo Animals, e.g. elephant, monkey, snake, giraffe, lion.

Farm animals, e.g. cow, rooster, pig, sheep, mouse, cat.
Bugs and Insects, e.g. spider, grasshopper, ladybird, earthworm.
Food, e.g. cheese, burger, pizza, milk, donut, ice cream, rice.
Fruit and Vegetables, e.g. garlic, pumpkin, banana, kiwi, onion, grapefruit.
Means of transport, e.g. train, bike, taxi, bus.
Christmas Vocabulary, e.g. wreath, mistletoe, Santa, reindeer, candy cane.
Halloween Vocabulary, e.g. vampire, witch, Halloween, candy.
Easter and Valentine’s Day Vocabulary, e.g. Easter bunny, chocolate egg, husband and wife, chocolates.
Toys, e.g. paper plane, game console, teddy bear, swing, yo-yo.
Hobbies and Sports, e.g. cycling, painting, gardening, ice skating, running.
Furniture and things at home, e.g. mirror, carpet, fridge, bookcase, pillow, mug.
Clothes and Accessories, e.g. sunglasses, suit, ring, scarf, sweater, necklace.
Places in Town and Jobs, e.g. zoo, restaurant, bus stop, hospital, dentist, teacher.
And more!

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