How to be happy?

It's hard to answer a question that almost everyone asks. Today, the main rule for everything to be good is that it has to be practical and fast.
When I say everything, I say with no exceptions. Stop and look at your day to day, as you often do not want to do things that are inconvenient or that will bring fatigue. Be honest, isn't true?
We are all being induced to live an empty life without dreams. Today's society pushes relativism into everything and everyone.
Learn to look at the essential and not what comes and goes. Don't look at people like they are meats at the butcher, but as a temple of the Holy Spirit, Son of God, and treat them with purity.
Take life seriously. Seek God with all his might, and if by chance your boyfriend or girlfriend is not helping, do not insist, take courage to do what is right: BREAK UP.
Have dreams, goals, study, sing, have fun like any other but with limits where you go. Your goal is heaven, for you were created to belong there. We are children of God, so seek cures in the Eucharist, in confession, in pure living with your neighbor, and be certain that from our obedience to God, everything will work out in time.
Be sure that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

God is no joke, He is our reason for living.
And happiness is all about one person and one attitude.

The person is Jesus, and the attitude is called equilibrium.
God bless you.
Luiz Costa

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