It is a season free from prejudice in which different races, beliefs and social classes mix in a popular demonstration of joy, pleasure, luxury and sensuality. 
A huge ritual filled with symbolism, moments of complete chaos and cultural disorder that contribute in a positive way to a world of peace.
All around the country, streets are busy, people are excited and the rhythm is spread. However, only Rio de Janeiro hosts “the biggest spectacle on Earth”, The Samba Schools´s Parade. It is a 2-day championship during which the 13 top schools show what they carefully prepared throughout the year. Thousands of artists, fashion designers, artisans, and volunteers work tirelessly for months.
The result of such effort seduces not only the jury but millions of Brazilians and foreign spectators that are either at the sambadrome or watching it live on TV. Glamourous handmade costumes, creative lyrics, melody, and choreographies, huge floats that cross the sambadrome on wheels, and the heart-beating of countless percussionists make the crowd go crazy.
The organization needed is amazing and counts points for the school´s score. So, orders are strictly followed but in an amusing manner. Helpers push the floats while dancing to the samba; school directors manage their sections while singing; those who wear the heaviest costumes smile happily; drummers with hut hands play even harder; and workers forget Brazil´s social gaps to party feeling fulfilled.
The poor and the rich, tourists and locals, straight and gay people come together in a scene of frenzy and harmony. The Afro-Brazilian women´s dancing skills leave all in awe. People sing and shake their bodies every time a school passes by, regardless of the one you cheer for. The schools do their best to be among the top five and guarantee their position in the ranking for next year´s Carnival.
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