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Verbs and Tenses

Be/Do Practice Quiz

See, Look and Watch

Wait, Hope, Expect (Esperar)

La Voz Pasiva

Cuento de Navidad (Pasiva)

Will vs. Going to

Future Expressions

Must(n’t) and Don’t have to

Indirect Commands and Instructions

Body Verbs

Make or Do?

Be / Get / Used to

Embedded and Indirect Questions

‘-EN-‘ as Prefix/Suffix

Verbs that look like nouns

Modals in the Past

‘Importar’ in English

Verb + Preposition

1st/2nd/3rd Conditional

Nouns and Vocabulary

Irregular Plurals

School Subjects

Job Wordsearch

Job vs. Work

False Friends

Crime and Criminals

Relatives and Family Members

The Weather

UK vs US English

Nombres Celebres Traducidos

Functions and Expressions

New Year (Questions + Poem)

Telephone Calls

Everyday Expressions 1

Everyday Expressions 2

Phrases for Tourists

At the Doctor’s

‘Wh-‘ and ‘How’ Questions

Tag Questions

Quick Spelling Test

Adjectives and Descriptions

Guess Who?


Dubai: Comparative or Superlative?

The + Comparative, the + comparative

Superlative Quiz

Comparative/Superlative Opposites

Personality Adjectives

Opposite Adjectives

‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’ Adjectives

Adjective + Preposition

Other Structures and Grammar

So or Such?

Relative Clauses (who, which, whose..)

Still, Yet, Already & Just

So, Neither & Nor


Genitivo Sajon: ¿Sí o No?

Object Pronouns

At, In and On (Space)

At, On and In (Time)

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