Teaching Tip: Grammar and Spelling Lesson Ideas

Teachers are constantly asking us for new ideas on these two topics. 

So we spent some time putting together some fun teacher tested lesson ideas for you:

1. Adjectives in Advertising - Students get to become ad reps.

2. Block Relay - Kids really have a great deal of fun with this one.

3. Bean Bag Nouns - This is definitely a lesson that can apply to all areas.

4. Spelling Race - Caution! This lesson will create a mega fun atmosphere.

5. Tinker Toy Diagrams - Diagramming sentences has never been more fun.
6. Ultimate Guide to Spelling - Everything teachers and students need.
7. How to Edit a Paper - A lesson to help you get set.
8. Lily Pad Letters - A fun spelling game!
9. Spelling Shadows - An effective way to remember words.
10. Sequencing Sentences - A great skill to master.
This Week in History
1792: Captain Robert Gray discovers Grays Harbor (Washington State).
1847: American Medical Association organizes in Philadelphia.

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