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Days of the Week Classroom Poster

This is a colourful days of the week poster. It is useful to have in the classroom to recall the days of the week each lesson. There is also a small train incl...
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Ordinal Numbers- Poster

THIS POSTER  CAN BE USED TO TEACH, REVIEW OR REINFORCE THE SPELLING OF THE ORDINAL NUMBERS.   Alternative download link: Click here to download this file
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past simple

Simple Past Classroom Poster

A colourful classroom poster which can also be used as a study sheet on past simple regular verbs. Available in both colour and black and white version.
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the press crossword

The Press

This is a simple crossword puzzle for revising the press related vocabulary. Download here : the-press
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Parts of the Body

This is a pretty simple crossword puzzle for teaching or revising parts of the body related vocabulary. The worksheet is available in both colour and black a...
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Present Continuous

A set of conversation cards to revise the present continuous tense. For elementary students.
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30 Irregular Verbs

A picture dictionary, which can also be used as a classroom poster followed by a wordsearch puzzle for teaching Irregular verbs. The answer key is included ...
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House and Furniture BoardGame

This is a boardgame for teaching house and furniture related vocabulary at elementary level.
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Causative use of the Verbs Get and Have

Grammar guide and exercises to practice, for low advanced or high intermediate students (key included)
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Sports – Poster

Thanks to  Phillip Martin, who kindly allowed me to use his art.http://www.phillipmartin.com/Click here to download this file
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