А Puzzling Story*
Activity Book for Children 1-6 (Oxford)* 
All New Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kathy Ross
Animal Riddles_Interactive Game 
Animal Word Puzzles. Coloring book*
Beginners' Communication Games by Jill Hadfield (Longman)* 
Books by Peter Watcyn-Jones: Have Fun with Vocabulary_Vocabulary Games and Activities 1 and 2* 
Bounce and Jill
Circle Games
Communication Games pack by Jill Hadfield* 
Cool Pool Games & 101 Quick-Thinking Games+Riddles
Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning About Farm Animals by Kathy Ross
Creative Kids Language Arts
Cut, Color, Trace and Paste by Sherrill B. Flora
Dot-to-dot. Fun book
Draw Then Write by Joy Evans_Grades 1-3
Easy English with Games and Activities by Lorenza Balzaret and Fosca Montagna (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + audio)
Easy Games in English (1, 2)
English Games (лексические, грамматические, настольные)
English Games_Карлова Е.
English games. Лексические игры. Страны и путешествия_Морозова Д.
English with Games and Activities_Elementary Level 
ESL Teacher's Activities Kit by Elisabeth Claire* 
Fairy Tale Sequencing by Joy Evans
Find the Answer_V. Sternina 
First Grade Scholar
'Follow Me' English Loop Card Games by Trish Callella
Fun to Learn*
Fun with Reading (Grade K + Grade 1) 
Games for Children_Пособия для учителей (2)
Grammar Games: Naval Battle. Грамматические игры для изучения английского языка: морской бой_Карлова Е.Л.
Grammar Games: Nouns and Pronouns. Грамматические игры для изучения английского языка: существительные и местоимения_Карлова Е.Л.
Grammar Games: Tenses. Грамматические игры для изучения английского языка: времена_Карлова Е.Л.
Guide to Game and Activities for 0-5 Year-Olds 
I Love English. Развивающая методика преподавания английского языка (Мещерякова В.)
Have Fun with Vocabulary_Vocabulary-Games and Activities 1,2 (3 books)
Hide And Seek First Words by Dawn Sirett 
Junior Mini Fun_Puzzles for Children of All Ages*
Kids' Big Book of Games*
КUZYA_English_Mazes Crosswords Puzzles*
Learning Fun! Preschool 1 
Let's learn by Janet Dellosa_Preschool-K-Grade 1
Look what you can make with egg cartons*
Making things from the paper 
MONEY_IHave...Who Has Game. 42 cards
More Fun With English 
My Book of Alphabet Games_Kumon
My book of Rhyming Words Long Vowels_Kumon
My book of Simple Sentences_Kumon
My First Baby Games
My Five Senses
Numbers & Counting. File-Folder Games in Color (Grades PreK-K)
Party Games for Children
Rhymes and Fingerplays for Babies 
Outdoor Activities for Kids 

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