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Learning english should be ones hobby. There are many ways of improving your skills.
We have covered many topics of English Grammar which will help you a lot in your journey.
While preparing tutorial we kept in mind student whose English is second Language (ESL)
 and English as foreign Langauge (EFL).

English Grammar

1) Noun
2) Pronoun

4) Adverb

Build Vocabulary

  1. Collocation List
  2. Academic / Business Vocabulary
  3. Antonyms
  4. Synonyms
  5. Homonyms
  6. Ways to say "said"
  7. More than 1000 One Word Substitution
  8. Palindrome
  9. Interesting Etymologies : Word Origins
  10. List of Abbreviations
  11. Prefixes

  12. 4000 Most Common English Words
  13. British English / American English
  14. Common Misspelled Words
  15. List of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives & adverbs
  16. List of Adjectives
  17. More than 100 ways to say "Said"

Fun with English

  1. English Jokes
  2. Do you Know?
  3. Tongue Twisters


Parts of SpeechNounPlural NounsPronounLearn English VerbsLearn Verbs in all the three forms1000 Verbs with its forms200 Irregular Verbs with its formsPhrasal Verbs A-ZAuxiliariesAdverbAdjectiveDegree of ComparisonPrepositionConjunctionInterjectionDeterminersSentencesPunctuationThe Power of PunctuationPunctuation RapLearn TensesLearn Verb FormsArticlesActive And Passive VoiceCommon Errors in English UsageIdiomsProverbAcademic / Business VocabularyAntonymsSynonymsHomonymsMore than 1000 One Word SubstitutionInteresting Etymologies : Word OriginsList of Abbreviations4000 Most Common English WordsBritish English / American EnglishCommon Misspelled WordsVerbs, Nouns, Adjectives & adverbsEnglish JokesDo you Know?Important Spellings RulesTongue TwistersEnglish Collocations

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