5 Positive Phrases In English

For Appreciating 

When you appreciate something, you think about how important it is to you. To appreciate someone means that you value them. The phrases below can be used to let someone know that you appreciate (are grateful for) them.

1. Thanks for your help. 

Saying thank you for anything makes people feel appreciated, needed and loved. You can use either of the following structures: 

Thanks (so much) for + [a thing]. 
Thanks (so much) for + [-ing verb]. 


For example, “Thanks for coming!” or “Thanks so much for babysitting for us next week” are both actions expressed with -ing verbs. In the example below we’re thanking someone for a thing: a card. 

Thanks for the lovely birthday card you sent in the mail. It really made my birthday special! 

2. I couldn’t have done it without you. 

This phrase lets someone know they are irreplaceable. 

Similarly, you could say “What would I do without you?” The question isn’t really meant to be answered. It simply expresses that the person is very helpful. 

Thanks for helping me plan this wedding. I couldn’t have done it without you! 

3. I’m so proud of you. 

Feeling pride about someone else is one of the happiest feelings humans can feel. So when you’re really pleased with what someone else has done, tell them you’re proud of them. 

Your art portfolio is fantastic—you’ve worked really hard! I’m so proud of you. 

4. You’re so awesome. 

This phrase is very simple, yet effective. “Awesome” can be replaced with “incredible,” “genius,” “helpful,” “sweet” or any other appropriate adjective. 

You’re so talented. You play the piano really well! 

5. I appreciate your support. 

“I appreciate you” tells someone that you value them. If someone provides you with support, it means they help you or agree with you. 

“Support” can be substituted with “help,” “time,” “effort” or any other relevant noun. 

I appreciate your positive attitude.


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