Resources for Teaching Online

The Teach English Online Course (TEOC) is my complete step-by-step guide to starting your own English (or any language) teaching business online.
People love it. And I’m sure you will too. But most importantly, it is going to get you results. 

Resources for starting your own website

My free website tutorial – In this tutorial I go through what you need to be able to build a website using WordPress. WordPress is the most powerful and easy to use platform around. Creating your own website is much easier than you probably think.
Godaddy – I use Godaddy for all of my domain names. Getting a domain name is as easy as doing a search and choosing one that is right for you.
Bluehost – Most of my websites are hosted with Bluehost. It has a one-click installation of WordPress, incredible support, and the best hosting power. I highly recommended Bluehost for either your first or latest website.
ThemeForest – Having a great looking theme is really important, and my favorite place to find the best themes is ThemForest. Make sure it is responsive, has great support, and looks good!

Resources for optimizing your website

Google Analytics – Analyze who comes on to your website, what pages they view, how long they stay, where they came from, and much more with this free tracking tool. I use this for all my sites.
Plugins – My favorite plugins to use for my WordPress sites. If you don’t have a website already, don’t worry too much about this. Just go through the website tutorial (Build your site with WordPress) and you’ll come across plugins in good time.

Popular posts on teaching online

Teach English Online: How to Get Started – This is my post with lots of information about how you can start teaching online.
Teach English Online – A great overview post.
How to Get Students – You’ll need to know how to get students to fill up your schedule.
Why I went freelance – How starting my own online English school allowed me to become the teacher I wanted to be.
Choosing a niche – What type of lessons do you want to give?
Trial Lessons – Advice on offering trial lessons.

Online English teaching resources

Here are some of the best teaching resources that I have found (always being updated).
Breaking News English – Great warm ups, activities, and summarized news articles. I mainly use this for conversation starters with a little vocabulary from the stories.
Film English – Lesson plans based on short videos. The videos chosen are spectacular, but you’ll sometimes need to transcribe the videos.
Our ESL Lesson Plans – We will be adding our best lessons to this section. This will mainly focus on how to teach grammar and I’ll also introduce some video based lessons too.
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