FORTUNE TELLER - speaking and craft activity for young learners

Speaking and craft activity to practise colours, numbers, jobs, letters of the alphabet and future simple.

Language focus:

- lexical items: colours, numbers, letters of the alphabet, jobs,
- question: What’s your favourite…?,
- verb ‘to be’
- future simple: You will be a/an 

Materials: a sheet of A4 paper (one for each child), crayons, a pencil, scissors.

1. Demonstrate how to make a fortune teller.

2. Ask the children to colour the outside flaps different colours.

3. Ask the students to write numbers 1-8 on the inside.

4. Ask the children to write messages on the other side of flaps with numbers. In the example: You will be a vet / fire fighter / pilot / teacher / singer /  lawyer / gardener / police officer.

5. Children move around the classroom and play in pairs with their fortune tellers:

STUDENT 1: What’s your favourite colour?
STUDENT 2: Green.
STUDENT 1: G-R-E-E-N (student 1 spells the letters and opens and closes the fortune teller as many times as the number of the letters in the chosen colour). Choose the number.
STUDENT 1:  (student 1 reads the message written under the number 6) You will be a police officer.

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